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The Guinness Book of Records, 1992
RADIO, HIGHEST LISTENING: The newsroom of the BBC World Service. Surveys of 90 countries show that as least 120 million listeners tuned in regularly in 1990 - more than the combined audience of Voice of America, Radio Moscow and Deutsche Welle. (photo BBC)
From "The Guinness Book of Records" 1992
Intake Editor Ian Richardson phones Tim "The Pony" Lllewellyn to see what happened to that piece he promised two hours ago. Newsreel editor Luke Albarin wonders if he'll have to fill the gap with another Harold Briley despatch. Regional editor Geoff Lane politely points out an error to the Centre Desk. Chief-sub Nigel Margerison tries to remember where he put that bit of tape on Albania. Tony Rudolf (background) explains the merits of Moldovan peasant poetry to a fellow newsroom typist.


Nigel Margerison Geoff Lane Sue Ross Tony Rudolf Ian Richardson Luke Albarin Carmen