BUSHLOG archive World Service Newsroom 28

Princess Margaret visits the Bush House Newsroom, early 1980s.

(To see who is who and who is saying or thinking what, place your cursor on the faces)

"Well, I'm sure that's very interesting Mr Dunn and Mr Brazier, but where's the large whisky I ordered?"



Senior Duty Editor Tony Dunn: "Is there an OBE in this for me, Ken?" Deputy  External Services Managing-Director Austen Kark HRH Princess Margaret BBC Chairman George Howard Editor, External Services News, Ken Brazier: "Not with that shirt and tie, Tony." Royal protection officer Copytaster Tony Hyde: "Here's a terrific story about trainspotting." External Services Managing-Director  Douglas Muggeridge BBC Chairman George Howard: "Why do I bother with this woman? She doesn't even have her own castle." Elizabeth "Nancy" Reynolds: "Strewth! Her make-up looks a bit rough." Editor External Services News Ken Brazier: "Now M'am, this tray holds pieces of paper onto which we write words. We then arrange the words into what we in journalism call a news story." MD External Services Douglas Muggeridge: "Golly. This Brazier chappie really knows his stuff." HRH Highness Princess Margaret: "How fascinating, Mr Brazier." Deputy MD External Services Austen Kark: "Now, what was  I supposed to buy on the way home?" Austen Kark to Douglas Muggeridge: "Look Doug, we're going to be here all bloody night, if we're not careful. Let's skip the Bulgars and the Burmese." Royal Detective: "Mmm. Better keep an eye on her. She looks as though she might have a couple of grenades on her. " HRH: "For Heavens sake, where's my whisky?" Edda Thomas: "Perhaps M'am would like to join Gwyn, Edgar, Iris and me  in the club for a quick half and Glenfiddick chaser." Ken: "The Trolley will be along shortly, M'am."