Current projects include...
God's Triangle: The investigation into story of Florence "Florrie" Cox God's Triangle

"Florrie Cox is a missionary with a secret, but not even she understands what it is. When her life unravels in scandal, she finds herself swept up in one of the most successful cover-ups in Australian church history." A tragic love story set in Melbourne, Australia, and East Bengal around the time of the First World War.


Early filming done for associated God's Triangle documentary.


Paperback now published and available here. Ebook version also available through Amazon, payable in British pounds ... US dollars ... Australian dollars. Reviews and readers' comments are here.


A novel based on the true story of Florrie Cox will be published later this year. It is intended to give a deeper and more personal account of what Florrie, her husband, the Revd Frank Paice, and his mistress-then-second wife, A. Olga Johnston, went through. The first chapters are here as a taster.


The Mortal Maze: Book and screenplay.The Mortal Maze thriller

A fictional morality thriller set in the Middle East. "Jackson Dunbar, a talented and ambitious television foreign correspondent has a weakness – one that is exploited by the intelligence services with disastrous and totally unexpected results."


The Kindle and paperback versions of the book are now available and can be bought by going to any Amazon website. A screenplay of the same name is in development.


To get a taste of this story, here are the early book chapters. You can compare these with the early film scenes.


Reviews and readers' comments are here. Click here to buy: British PoundsUS dollarsAustralian dollars
Florrie - A Life Unexpected: Book and screenplay
Florrie Cox

"Ignorance is not bliss! A novel based on the traumatic true story of what happened to Australian Florence "Florrie" Cox after she went to East Bengal, India, to marry the New Zealand-born missionary, Revd. Frank E. Paice.


Paperback and Kindle ebook available now from Amazon. Ebook also available from Smashwords. Screenplay in development.


Florence Martha "Florrie" Cox was born into a deeply religious family in Melbourne, Australia, in November 1887. She had an unremarkable life until she married a Baptist missionary sent to India. She was innocently caught up in a scandal that led to a cover-up by the Baptist Church and the Supreme Court of Victoria. The author uses fiction based on knowledge and plausibility to explore the unusual events that engulfed Florrie and those around her.


The open chapters of Florrie - A Life Unexpected can be read free on my blog.

Seeds of Revenge: TV drama and book.

"TV host Jock Strait has become rich and famous by exploiting the poor and the vulnerable. But his own past is catching up with him fast and someone is out to destroy him. Who is it? And why?" A fictional thriller. Script in First Draft development. Book in early draft form. Here are the early scenes from the screenplay.

Blind Mike: Feelgood feature film.

"Mike knows what he wants out of life and it is something no other blind person has ever done." Inspired by the achievements of Australian DJ and pop star Grantley Dee. Script at second draft stage. Early scenes here.

Tales from Bush House: Book.

A collection of anecdotes about life in London's Bush House, the former home for several decades of BBC World Service. Includes a number of photographs and stories contributed by Ian D. Richardson. Available through Amazon.

A selection of past projects...

Newspaper and magazine features for Guardian (UK), Daily Telegraph (UK) , Independent (UK), BBC Online (UK), @Demon magazine, Press Gazette (UK), Haymarket Customer Publications, London, The Age (Melbourne), Herald-Sun (Melbourne), The Australian, Advertiser (Bendigo, Australia), North-Central News (St. Arnaud, Australia). See archive.

Guest lecturer, University of the Third Age, Ealing.

'Can You Hear Me?', Ian Richardson's 1980s guide for BBC journalists on getting the best communications from the Third World. Now out of print.

Project consultant, Middle East Broadcasting Centre, Dubai.

Editorial consultant, BBC World Service Burmese Section.

Media briefings for visiting delegation from Chinese State Council Information Department. Organised by Middlesex University, London.

Research for An Australian's Britain & Ireland guide book (sponsored by British Tourist Authority and British Airways).

Independent analysis of Kosovo news coverage for BBC World Service.

Consultant and guest lectures, UNHCR Refugees Online Project, London.

Guest lectures, Dealing with Television News, Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Guest lectures, Media Specialism, City University, London.

External validation, journalism degree course, Thames Valley University, London (since renamed University of West London).

Guest lecturer, Dealing with the Media, Reuters (Asia), Susan Greenwood & Associates, Singapore.

Guest lecturer, Secrets of TV News, Susan Greenwood & Associates, Singapore.

Contributor, BBC Stills Library.

Course design and leadership, Writing for the internet, BBC Online.

Editorial consultant, BBC Online's Web Guide.

Course design and leadership, post-graduate Introduction to Television News, London College of Printing (since renamed London College of Communication).

Course design and leadership, Introduction to Television, London College of Printing Development Unit (DALI).

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